Safety first!

Prop guards

In light of recent incidents involving contact between people in the water and propellors of RIBs and similar craft, the committee has considered whether to fit prop guards on the club RIBs. It is not a straightforward decision as there are a number of factors. The RYA has produced this advice to craft owners and operators, which focuses on prevention through training and good practices. In light of this, and the shallow waters in which we operate, we have elected not to fit prop guards. Members are reminded that you MUST have attended a safety boat course before using the RIB or work boat. We will review our position again in the future should the RYA's advice be updated.

Safety forums

Notes from Alan Butler's safety forums can be found here and here.


We are now racing with larger fleets and it is important that we are smarter in our approach to getting in and out of the water. If crews of boats behind can help those in front on the ramp, boats will get away faster.

In the same way at the end of racing, will crews get their boats back to their space, to prevent accidents from flailing spars, whipping ropes and flapping sails.

Bosuns Shed

In the Compound

Mast Climbing

Free sailing and impromptu racing

Please ensure before going out:

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