Dinghy racing notes

Starting Signals

Our starting signals are:

i.e. all as per 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing

Races to Count for Dinghy Racing Trophies

1 race sailed - 1 to count
2-3 races sailed - 2 to count
4 races sailed - 3 to count
5 races sailed - 4 to count
6 races sailed - 5 to count
7-8 races sailed - 6 to count
9-10 races sailed - 7 to count
11-12 races sailed - 8 to count

All races will be sailed using Portsmouth Yardstick numbers for classes of boats will be as set out in the current RYA PY scheme YR2 or as agreed by the Committee.

The Ladies' Trophy will be awarded to the Lady with the best results in the Regatta

IYRU racing rules for 2013-2016 can be found here.

Page last updated: 29 January 2013